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A 100% Italian supply chain

Our produce is grown exclusively in Italy. The vast majority of the farms are located in Southern Italy, from the region of Campania to Sicily, but a few are in Northern Italy too. We track and trace all stages of the production process to ensure complete transparency, from sowing and harvesting to distribution to the points of sale. By doing so, we are building an integrated supply chain with traceability.

Therefore, if you would like information about the plot of land the product came from, the growing techniques used, checks performed and the logistics pathway followed by our produce, you can find it all out using the traceability code indicated on each pack.

Camion Cooperativa
Cassetta Sibon 03
Confezionamento 01
Dettaglio Pianta Fragole
Cassetta In Campo 03
Cassetta In Campo 04
Cassetta In Campo 05
Cassette In Campo 02
Confezionamento 02
Dettaglio Fragola 02
Interno Serra 01
Raccolta Fragole 01
Raccolta Fragole 03
Raccolta Fragole 02
Raccolta Fragole 04
Coltivazione In Serra 01
Coltivazione In Serra 02
Lotta Integrata 02
Pomodori In Campo 01
Pomodori In Campo 02
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