Watermelon pudding with jasmine flowers


For 1.5 kg of mixture

  • 1 l watermelon juice
  • 100 g corn starch
  • 100 g sugar
  • 100 g dark chocolate drops
  • 1 tbsp jasmine syrup
  • 1 small citron
  • icing sugar
  • jasmine flowers


Clean the watermelon, cut into pieces and crush with a potato masher. Strain the juice obtained and pour into a saucepan.
Mix the corn starch with the sugar and add to the juice, mixing with a whisk. Place on the stove and cook over a low heat, stirring continuously. Continue cooking for about 2-3 minutes from boiling point.

Add the jasmine syrup and allow to cool.
Once the cream is cool, add the chocolate drops and mix.
Pour the mixture into moistened single-serving heat-resistant dishes and leave to set in the fridge for one night.

Thinly slice the citron, then use the slices to garnish your watermelon dessert. Decorate your pudding with fresh jasmine flowers and serve.

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