Apples with almonds and oats


Serve 4

  • 4 Annurca apples
  • 30 g peeled and toasted almonds
  • 20 g rolled oats
  • 8 tsp maple syrup
  • butter


Wash the apples and chop off the very tops with a knife. Scoop out the centre with an apple corer, taking care not to cut through to the base.

Place the apples in a heat-resistant dish and fill each one with a teaspoon of maple syrup, a quarter of the almonds (chopped) and a quarter of the rolled oats, as well as a few dabs of butter.

Cover with the apple tops, then place the apples on a baking tray that fits them all; alternatively, place each apple on a small single-portion tray. Pour a small amount of water into the base of the tray(s).

Bake at 180°C for about half an hour until the apples are golden, splashing them with their juices during baking. Serve warm, pouring a touch more maple syrup over them.

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