Cucumis melo

What gives it its taste and how to recognise it

  • grown in potassium- and calcium-rich soils
  • appropriate choice of variety to suit the soil and climate
  • tolerance and resistance to the main adverse conditions
  • planted well apart from each other
  • field temperatures high on average (temperature range of 12-32°C)
  • sugar content of above 14° Brix
  • stem near dry on picking
  • vivid green colour between the sections of the reticulated skin
  • no brown spots
  • no pitting of the skin (signs of overripeness).

Nutritional and nutraceutical value

  • energy content: 34 Kcal/100g;
  • rich in: potassio, phosphorus, calcium, vitamin C, vitamina B3, niacin and beta-carotene;
  • benefits: helps protect the cells and DNA from the oxidative stress caused by free radicals, with beneficial effects on circulation and blood pressure, too.

Varieties and periods of availability

Netted melon
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