Annurca apple

Malus domestica

IGP della Campania

What gives it its taste and how to recognise it

  • grown exclusively in its area of origin (Campania)
  • planted in hilly areas
  • foliage highly ventilated
  • leaves properly protect the fruits from the sun’s rays
  • harvested when colouring is around 10%
  • ripened on the ground on beds of straw and hemp cloth
  • sugar content of above 12° Brix
  • balanced sugar/acidity ratio
  • even, stripy red colour
  • round shape with flat top and bottom
  • crunchy, juicy flesh.

Nutritional and nutraceutical value

  • energy content: 40 Kcal/100g;
  • rich in: vitamin A, B group vitamins, vitamin C, oxalic acid and malic acid;
  • benefits: helps lower total cholesterol and increase HDL (the so-called good cholesterol).

Varieties and periods of availability

Annurca apple
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