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SÌBON strawberries stand out for their remarkably sweet flavour that makes them a delicacy you can't say no to. They taste simply perfect thanks to the excellent sugar content (over 8°Bx) and the slight tartness typical of these fruits.

What makes SÌBON strawberries so delicious? Well, they are grown in light, cool soils with a pH of below 7. The substantial changes between day and night temperatures allow the fruits to ripen slowly and reach their full flavour potential.

More fragrant

Every SìBON pack contains extremely fragrant strawberries. The blend of fragrances smells divine and is obtained through a judicious combination of factors:

choice of varieties, growing of each variety at the most suitable time of the year, soil type, and harvesting of the fruits when they have reached the right degree of ripeness.

More natural

Pest control is based primarily on natural and agronomic methods: use of beneficial insects, prevention of waterlogging in the soil and other environmentally friendly methods.

The use of pesticides is reduced to minimum doses, way below the legal limits.

And organic, too

All the organic strawberries we grow are labelled SìBON.

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