Biological farming

Organic farming

For us, farming organically means much more than simply complying with a Legislative Regulation (Reg. (EU) 2018/848). We grow products naturally, making us socially and environmentally responsible.

In fact, in addition to our pledge to safeguard the integrity of the environment and land, we are committed to protecting the health of people working in the fields and of our consumers. 25 hectares of our cultivated land is already set aside for organic farming and conversion of another 50 hectares is under way, with organic certification imminent.

Integrated pest management production

We adopt the zero-residue integrated production method for our non-organic crops, an extremely low environmental-impact growing system that respects nature. This means that many plant pests are controlled by natural antagonists and soil management and nutrition are largely entrusted to biological means.

By operating in this way, we have seen a significant rise in the number of beneficial insects, even outside the launch areas; thanks to this result, we have been able to reduce pest control treatments to the absolute minimum. The produce we obtain is therefore 100% healthy.


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