Coop Sole

The beginning

Cooperativa Sole (the Sole Cooperative) was founded in 1962 on the initiative of 29 farmers who sensed the importance of joining forces, sharing expertise and pooling resources. The positive return of this decision was clear to see from the very outset.

n fact, together they began achieving greater efficiency, getting more out of and enhancing their produce, such that they became an example for the region to follow, inspiring other capable producers in the area to become members and embrace the cooperative spirit.

Sole today

Our company is now a large organisation boasting more than 100 producers. We produce an average of 180,000 quintals of fruit and vegetables every year and rank number one in the strawberry sector.

Sole is located in a highly suitable area of Campania, with member producers in other regions of Southern Italy, too. It oversees the entire production chain: not only does it grow produce in the fields, but it also packages, distributes, markets and sells all its produce.

The typically Mediterranean range reaches the shelves of a huge number of markets and stores of leading Italian and foreign distributors. Consumers can find our products throughout the whole of Italy and in many countries abroad, especially in Northern Europe.


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